Dental implant

Dental implant

Dental implant

Dental implant, which have a better function than real teeth, are preferred by many people who do not have teeth.
implant tooth; It is the term given to the process of placing artificial tooth roots by surgical intervention in the place of the lost teeth in case of loss of decayed or removed teeth and completing it after the period deemed appropriate by the physician and turning it into a complete tooth. The correct size implant, which is placed in the jawbone in accordance with the patient’s anatomy, successfully fulfills the natural tooth root process. The treatment can be applied to patients of all ages whose jaw development has been completed. The fact that its chewing function is stronger than other prosthesis types has caused it to be recommended by doctors. It is preferred by many patients due to the comfort of speaking and chewing in daily life.

Thanks to the correct implant treatment performed by the right physician, many people achieve an aesthetic appearance and can also use teeth functionally.

Dental Implant
Dental implant

Dental implant Advantages

Some prostheses may lose their functionality after a few years. In a successful implantation operation, it is expected that the new tooth will not lose its functionality in any way. Placing a screw-like tooth root into the jawbone does not pose any aesthetic problem. No pain or discomfort is felt during the treatment. The treatment ends painlessly and people who are treated can return to their social life on the same day. Being able to return to social life on the same day is another great advantage for patients.

Is the implant safe?

Correctly sized titanium tooth root placed in the jawbone does not cause any trust problem. Since the implant is placed in the jawbone, it does not cause any discomfort in daily life. Implant treatment is comfortable and safe and is known as a method that can complete the treatment without any problems. Completing the missing teeth with implant treatment is seen as a permanent solution. It is also among the important features of the toothbrush that it is selectable, adjustable, that the color and shape can be compatible with other teeth, and that it does not disturb the aesthetic structure in the mouth.

Pain and Pain with Continuing Treatment

Patients who have not gone to the dentist for years due to fear can overcome this fear after biliary implant treatment. Local anesthesia is sufficient for implant surgery. He does not feel any pain after local anesthesia, and he may not even understand that the implant is placed. With the electronic needles used in some clinics for local anesthesia, the slight needle pain is not able to hiss in the bile under anesthesia. For this reason, there is no requirement for general anesthesia treatment, which is desired for psychological reasons. You can get rid of all your worries by watching the treatment of another patient in it.

Pain that may last for a few days after treatment is perfectly normal. This pain decreases in size. He says that they do not need new painkillers after the painkillers used on the same day. The pain varies from person to person and according to the location of the procedure. After surgical procedures such as open sinus pavement and bone transfer, spherical swelling and bruising can be seen and these effects disappear within about a week. These effects can be kept to a minimum with the measures with the physician.


The implantation is carried out solely by specialists for oral and maxillofacial surgical procedure, who’ve accomplished an entire research of human medication, dentistry after which a 5-year specialist coaching at famend German college hospitals.

Our specialists are skilled and licensed in implantology and members of scientific societies German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, German Society of Implantology, Federation of Implantology Dentists and have dedicated to the continual coaching and compliance with the rules {of professional} societies. They are specialists in inserting dental implants.


The integration of anesthesia specialists into our workforce affords the potential of therapy below basic anesthesia and a great sense of safety, on-demand ache aid and leisure earlier than and after surgical procedure. Our Anesthesiologist and his educated employees guarantee uninterrupted therapy, monitoring and care throughout and after the surgical procedure, commensurate with the process and state of well being.


The affiliated clinic for jaw & face affords you the potential of the security and luxury of a day by day or inpatient care, particularly within the case of main interventions.

The increased high quality necessities positioned on a clinic with regard to hygiene and the personnel, instrumental and structural necessities should not solely fulfilled, however exceeded.

For instance, the gear and materials preparation and storage are carried out based on the standardized procedures of a top quality administration system together with course of documentation. The working rooms meet the best calls for on medical air high quality and are subsequently permitted for bone surgical procedure of any sort.

Quality assurance:

The high quality administration is licensed based on DIN / ISO 9001. Our top quality of processes is consistently checked by the unbiased Hygiene Institute of the University Tuebingen, so we will assure you hygiene requirements which can be nicely above these required by regulation for dentists and medical doctors.


If the jawbone is just too slender or shallow for implantation, bone have to be constructed up. For this we use your individual bone, which could be taken normally out of your jawbone itself. It is perfused after therapeutic, lives and thus has defenses in opposition to irritation in distinction to the lifeless bone substitute materials. The unique use of the affected person’s personal bone normally ensures greatest therapeutic inside a really brief time and excludes the residual threat of transmission of infectious ailments and intolerance reactions, in opposite to utilizing bone substitute materials of animal origin.


Our estimates embrace all eventualities and won’t be exceeded.

5-year guarantee:

For the lack of a dental implant throughout the first 5 years, we provide a free substitute. Prerequisite is the usage of the skilled implant cleansing and checkup yearly by us and the usage of the really useful skilled prophylaxis cleanings (a minimum of twice a 12 months) with us or your dentist.

Just in case:

Patients cared for by us can attain us, 24/7, twelve months a 12 months, through the postoperative interval.

Origin of the implants:

We solely use authentic implants from internationally recognized and scientifically acknowledged implant producers, a top quality and worldwide provide for many years are assured.

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