Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

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What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment opens a gap in the decayed tooth and prevents pain that may occur after the application by destroying the sensitive center known as the dental pulp. Dental pulp consists of connective tissue. It provides nerves and blood, extends to the roots of the tooth. The white part of our teeth that helps us chew is called the crown. If necessary, the crown or base of the tooth can also be changed.

Root canal treatment should be done by your general dentist or a specialist endodontist. Operations performed by uninformed persons can cause very serious injuries and injuries.

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment

When is root canal treatment required?

When is root canal treatment required?,Root canal treatment can save a broken tooth or badly contaminated. The tooth may be contaminated or broken due to decay, gum disease, cracked fillings, or tooth damage.

When the pulp is broken, the microorganism in the tooth may begin to multiply. This can result in an infection or abscess with a varied pocket of pus at the end of the tooth root.

It is very important to save your tooth. It works better for biting and chewing than an artificial tooth. Losing teeth can cause serious problems in the mouth. Replacing a damaged tooth with a man-made tooth typically requires extra advanced knowledge and equipment. Canal treatment is one of the best ways to save your teeth.

What are the indicators I would want a?

Although sometimes there is no indication that the tooth is seeking root canal treatment, in general, the symptoms are:

  • darkening of the tooth
  • extreme toothache when chewing
  • sensitivity to scorching or cold
  • swelling of the face or neck
  • swollen and tender gums
  • Persistent after heat or cold has been eliminated
  • a persistent pimple in the gums or a gap in the tooth

What happens during root canal treatment?

What happens during root canal treatment?, First, the dentist will have an x-ray of the tooth to see the shape of the basic canals and to determine if there is any infection in the bone along the tooth. Before opening a gap in the tooth to remove the pulp, the drug numbs the tooth environment with iodine and ensures that the patient does not feel pain during the operation to be performed.

It may take several appointments for the dentist to wash and form the opening in the tooth before putting a sterile filling inside. They can also add a little help to the basic channels to strengthen the tooth. If necessary, they can cover the tooth with an artificial crown.

The root canal remedy takes longer than a traditional filling, but is typically not extra painful.

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