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Urinary tract infection

Child Health

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Urinary tract infection (UTI)

  • A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection anyplace within the urinary tract. The urinary tract contains the kidneys, bladder and urethra (the tube from which urine passes out of the bladder).

    UTIs are widespread in youngsters of all ages, however are particularly widespread in youngsters who’re nonetheless in nappies.

    Urinary tract infection,  Signs and signs of UTI

    If your baby has a UTI, they might:

    • have ache or burning when passing urine (doing a wee)
    • have ache within the decrease a part of the stomach (below the stomach button)
    • must go to the bathroom continuously to urinate
    • move some urine earlier than attending to the bathroom (wetting or incontinence)
    • have smelly or discoloured urine
    • have a fever or vomiting.

    Young youngsters with a UTI could not present any of those signs, however they’re simply usually unwell.

    Urinary tract infection
    Child Health

    Urinary tract infection, What causes a UTI?

    A UTI is often brought on by micro organism (germs) moving into the bladder or urethra. The germs most frequently come from the bowels (intestine), or from faeces (poo) that’s on the pores and skin after which will get into the urethra.

    When to see a physician

    Testing your kid’s urine is the one solution to know for positive if they’ve a UTI. UTIs shouldn’t go untreated, because the infection could cause additional issues with the kidneys. You ought to take your baby to a physician in the event that they:

    • develop any of the indicators and signs of UTI
    • are unwell with a fever with out different apparent causes.

    The physician could need to do a urine take a look at. See our reality sheet Urine samples for info on methods to gather a urine pattern.

    A urine pattern is often examined first with a dipstick testing strip, which might help present if there’s any signal of infection. If the dipstick take a look at exhibits that there may be a UTI, then remedy could also be began. The closing urine take a look at outcomes can take as much as 48 hours to be despatched again to your physician.

    Treatment for a UTI

    The predominant manner of treating a UTI is with antibiotics, which might often be taken by mouth as a pill or syrup. Children who’re very unwell could also be admitted to hospital for antibiotics given instantly right into a vein by means of a drip (intravenous or IV remedy).

    Some youngsters with a UTI may have an ultrasound to search for an issue with the bladder or kidneys. Your physician will talk about this with you if required.

    Care at house

    If your baby has been identified with a UTI, you possibly can look after them whereas they’re recovering by:

    • following the physician’s directions for giving the antibiotics – it is extremely necessary to finish the entire course of antibiotics, even when your baby appears higher
    • maintaining them at house and permitting them to get additional relaxation
    • giving them loads of fluids to drink.

    Most youngsters who’re handled for a UTI make a full restoration and haven’t any future issues.

    Key factors to recollect

    • UTIs are a standard infection, particularly in youngsters who put on nappies.
    • A physician must do a urine take a look at to diagnose a UTI.
    • The predominant remedy for UTIs is antibiotics.

    For extra info

    • Kids Health Info reality sheet: Urine samples

    Common questions our docs are requested

    How can I stop my baby getting a UTI?

    Good hygiene might help stop the unfold of micro organism from the intestine. When women are wiping their backside after a poo, they need to all the time wipe entrance to again (vagina to backside). Also, being constipated can enhance the possibility of a kid getting a UTI. See your physician in the event you suppose your baby is constipated.

    Can I give my baby cranberry juice to deal with a UTI?

    Children with UTIs have to be handled by a physician who will prescribe antibiotics. Cranberry juice just isn’t beneficial as a remedy choice for kids.

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    Reviewed March 2018.

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